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Chinese Chicken Salad

Chinese Chicken Salad always makes me think of a day out with my mom. Whether we were stopping at a local cafe or a diner or a chain restaurant after our afternoon of errands, if there was Chinese Chicken Salad on the menu, she was ordering it. And I pretty much have always followed suit. After all, it’s a salad that’s easy to love thanks to a crisp and crunchy texture and a ton of flavor from green onions, cilantro, almonds, those irresistible crispy rice noodles, and a sweet and salty sesame dressing, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t until recently that I thought to make it at home. Silly me. But great news, it’s not just for lunches out – it’s easy to make yourself whether you want something fitting for meal prep or are just looking for an extra special afternoon in.

I am partial to a combination of chopped romaine and Napa cabbage so that’s what forms the base here. I think it’s the ideal balance in crunch and flavor and it goes so well with all of the other additions that go into this salad. There’s shredded chicken (of course), along with carrots, green onion, cilantro, sliced almonds, and the thing I could never forget – crispy rice noodles.

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