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– Oh Huey59, how could you? Right now during swimsuit season! This is very decadent. The cake is more like a brownie and the whole thing tastes very much like the candy bar. I made the recipe exactly as written, the only change I might make in the future is the make the coconut layer a little creamier instead of so dry, but it’s still delicious. Thank you for the recipe, I will add this to my permanent recipe box.
– My son absolutely loves this cake. Don’t make the mistake I did by adding some cream to the coconut mixture. I got worried when one reviewer called it dry. Mine slides off the cake. Still tastes great. The cake part is decadent. A real treat.
– So good I’m already going to make this my favorite cake . Just follow the recipe you can’t go wrong. I shared this with friends who also loved it. So irresistible to any mounds lover’s. I will be making this for the next Holliday or birthday or for any excuse it’s just that good.

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