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Fried Pickle Dip

If you’ve been around here for very long, you know we love a good dip. Savory dips, sweet dips, creamy dips, and saucy dips. We do not discriminate and will happily indulge in them all. Whether it’s for game day, a backyard get together, or just a casual night at home, a good dip is always the answer. And this fried pickle dip in particular is one we cannot stop eating!

I hail from the midwest so you know I love a good basket of fried pickles. I’m generally team pickle spears, but I’ll dabble in the pickle coin variety when necessary. A juicy pickle covered in a crispy layer of breading… there’s a whole lot to love. Dip ‘em in ranch and I’m one happy girl. This love affair got me thinking that a hot & creamy pickle dip could be an excellent way to get these flavors at home. A few experiments later, this fried pickle dip was born!

You’ll see that I went with a jar of relish for the pickles here, but you’re more than welcome to chop up your favorite pickle for this recipe. Mixed with rich cream cheese and a healthy serving of cheddar, the final results will have everyone’s mouth watering. Serve this with chips, pretzels, even vegetables if that’s your thing. No matter the way you eat it, this fried pickle dip is a real treat!

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