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Carrot Cake Sheet Cake

We’ve come across various carrot cake recipes before, but we can safely say we’ve found the best one – and it’s perfect for a party, since it really feeds a crowd! Now of course there are versions out there that have coconut and pineapple, but we’ve got a slightly more pared back version, one that is absolutely delightful and that can be tweaked to cater to your carrot cake preferences; for us, that’s a spiced cake, stuffed to the brim with carrots and flecked with raisins and pecans. And don’t forget the cream cheese frosting!

If you haven’t made carrot cake before, it’s a breeze to make. We use vegetable oil and butter to keep this cake extra moist and never dry – plus, mo’ butter, mo’ better – then a combination of regular and brown sugar to get that deeper, richer flavor. Add to that two teaspoons of cinnamon and a healthy dash of nutmeg and you’ve mastered that perfectly spiced flavor that we love and yearn for in a carrot cake. That and, oh yeah, 4 cups of carrots to really make it clear we’re making CARROT CAKE here. Unapologetically carrot-y, folks.

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