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Cheesy Bacon Potatoes

My family loves cheese and bacon… and potatoes! I prefer to make scalloped potatoes from scratch vs the boxed kind. There is so much more flavor to them. Hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as ours does.
-I like another reviewer would like to know how many strips of bacon do you need to make a cup of crumbled bacon. This question was never answered! I have a problem with quantities that are listed this way leaving one to guess amounts. If you win a blue ribbon then i would think you would list ingredients especially bacon by the strips it takes to make a cup not just a cup and leave you hanging. I have never seen a recipe that just says 1-cup of bacon cooked and crumbled. Is the cup raw or cooked before you measure and no I am not a first time cook. I have been cooking for years in a restaurant and at home. This is the first time I have seen a measurement like this.. Very confusing!! Thanks
-These were FABULOUS! There are only two of us so I cut the recipe in half. Also, I’m trying to save calories and fat wherever I can without jeopardizing flavor so I used skim evaporated milk. I don’t know if there was a difference but the potatoes still tasted wonderful! We live in a very remote mountain town, 75 miles away from the nearest grocery store, so I made these Christmas night for dinner using the leftover bacon from Christmas morning! This will be a “go to” recipe for using leftover bacon!

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