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Irish Cream Sheet Cake

We’re like a broken record when we say that we love sheet cakes not only for how great they can taste, but for how easily they come together and that they’re such a great option when you’re serving a crowd. We make sheet cakes often and find that once you’ve got a great base recipe to work off of, you can customize your cakes for just about any occasion: birthdays, holidays or just because. Here, we were inspired by the smooth and sweet flavor of Irish cream (or creamer, if you like to add the non-alcoholic stuff to your coffee to give it some extra “oomph”) and built our whole cake around it!

This is an Irish cream-filled cake, with an Irish cream(er) frosting to smooth over the top. Moist, flavorful and completely delicious, this was a win right out of the gate. The key here is to find the amount of Irish cream that works for you and for who you’re serving. The alcohol in Bailey’s, which is what we used, burns off when it bakes, but if you want to skip it entirely, just go with non-alcoholic Irish coffee creamer. Accordingly, if you like just a touch of sweetness, but don’t want your the flavor of your cake to be overpowering, just cut back on either the Irish cream in the cake or the frosting. This is your cake and you can make it any way you like!

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