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This is Not Your Average Desk!!

Sometimes a plain old boring wooden desk needs some pizzazz. Using Dixie Belle Paint ‘s rice paper this adorable desk was given that and some more!

this is not your average desk

This sweet MCM desk was picked up in an online auction.



There were not allot of bidders as I think many were not interested in such a plain simple look but I have big plans for it.



The usual first step was a deep scrub using Dixie Belle white lightening cleaner in a bucket of water soapy water and a scrub brush. Every nook and cranny was scrubbed and then rinsed well with fresh water and left to dry.

Once dry the base and drawer fronts were given a scuff sand using a Dixie Belle sanding sponge, this not only smooths any roughness on the original finish but also give a bit of grip for the paint.


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