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My Mama’s recipe for 7 UP Cake from scratch is a classic, decadent and moist cake complemented by the subtle flavor of citrus soda! You have never had 7 UP Pound Cake quite like this! If you love citrus flavors and delicious cakes, definitely try my Lemon Pound Cake recipe, my Lemon Cupcakes and my Key Lime Pie!

This is a 7 up cake recipe (or 7up pound cake recipe if you wish) that has been in my family for decades. Served at a soul food or Southern dinner, this cake is perfection on your table. It was actually the very first cake I ever learned to bake, which I suspect is not only because it is my mother’s absolute favorite cake but also because it was not intimidating. It introduced me to the baking world, and I haven’t looked back. The cake itself is so easy to make and results into a wonderful cake that even a nine-year-old girl could master.

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