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The Best Fruit Salad

Let me introduce you to the fruit salad that everyone will rave about. I call it my triple fruit salad with lemon poppy seed dressing, but everyone else just calls it “The Best Fruit Salad” because, well, it really is. Whenever I bring this to a party or a potluck, it’s always the first thing gone. People can’t resist the winning combination of pineapple, kiwi, and strawberry.

It’s such a great tragedy to me that so many fruit salads out there are so poorly made. It’s the worst when one fruit overpowers all the rest and that’s how the whole salad tastes. (I’m looking at you cantaloupe!)

There’s no need to complicate a fruit salad. A fruit salad is more than just a bunch of fruit tossed together. It can be very thoughtful and delicious. The key is simplicity. There are only 3 fruits in this salad, each providing a complimentary flavor to the others. It is absolutely divine. No more will the fruit salad be just something else on the plate. People will rave about it, crave it, and lick the bowl. Bring it to every potluck and picnic this summer and you’ll never go wrong. It really is the best fruit salad!

Be sure to watch the video where I give you some great tips, including my best tips for cutting pineapple. You can also scope out the rest of my YouTube Channel where I have hundreds of cooking videos. There’s a lot more great tips to be found there! Just be sure to YouTube responsibly….as in don’t neglect your responsibilities because you got sucked in! 🙂


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