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These 10 Tricks Will Help You Keep a Tidier Home!

Ok, we’re SOLD! I think it’s safe to say that all of us aspire to have a perfectly organized house, but it’s sometimes overwhelming when confronted with the nitty-gritty.

Allow Buffer Space
Let’s be honest, the longer you live in the same place, the more stuff you accumulate. It’s almost as if we all follow a primal need to fill up our spaces, without always realizing it.
Now, our host gets that—she clearly doesn’t want you trash stuff that you need—BUT, there is a way to systematize it!

The key here is to always allow “buffer space,” as she says. Follow your unique system, but take care that you do not fill your bins to the brim. If things are looking particularly packed, don’t shove and cram—just add more organizational implements. Smart, huh?

Use a “Tidy-Up Basket”
Pressing ‘pause’ on your busy day to clean up is, sadly, not an option for most of us. And, any of you out there with kids know that relying on them to complete their chores is sometimes a dicey bet.

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