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Soft Batch Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

There’s no way to improve a chocolate chip cookie unless you’re planning on adding more chocolate, and that’s just what’s going on here. A double chocolate chip cookie, one that’s fudgy and all warm and melty is just the most swoon-worthy treat one could possibly imagine. I mean, look at this! One of these fresh from the oven is enough to satisfy a serious chocolate craving. Baking something as special and as decadent as this will almost definitely require a tall glass of milk on the side for dunking.
One ingredient that makes a small but important difference – totally optional – is a little bit of espresso powder. The coffee flavor actually helps to bring out the flavor of the chocolate. And don’t worry, you don’t taste it at all. It’s just a subtle way to enhance the overall cookie experience. And rather than granulated sugar, we’ve gone with brown sugar. That molasses-y taste and texture will be an important part of achieving that almost fudgy texture that we’re looking for here.
Choosing a chocolate chip can be a tough choice here. Most of our crew likes milk chocolate chips and so that is a usual go-to when it comes to a chocolate chip cookie. But to really make these rich in chocolate flavor, a nice semi-sweet chocolate chip would be a great alternative to a milk chocolate chip. If you’ve made these before, then you’re likely familiar with all the possible add-ins, like chopped nuts, marshmallows, even white chocolate chips. We’re sticking to chocolate on chocolate for this recipe and not looking back. A double chocolate chip cookie is an amazingly delicious way to amp up your chocolate chip cookie game!

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