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Christmas Cranberry Loaf

When gift giving season rolls around there’s often a sense of panic that comes with it. Who wants what, when are the best sales, and are we forgetting anyone?? While not all shopping can be avoided, I’ve tried my best to shift to homemade gifts when possible and for me that means food. These Christmas Cranberry Loaves are a fan favorite with friends and family alike and make the perfect last minute goodie. Packed with tart cranberries and topped off with a buttery crumble, it’s sure to be love at first bite.

Overall, this recipe is very simple. The batter is mixed together in one bowl and there’s only one step that might trip up a new baker: beating the sugar and eggs. As you’ll see in the recipe, the first step is to beat the duo until they double in size. This step is crucial and will help your loaves rise properly. Don’t skip it!

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