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Chicken and Dumplings Casserole

Chicken and Dumplings is classic comfort food. That goes without saying. But this dish takes that classic and mashes it up with another comfort classic – casserole. And it’s a mashup that totally makes sense. See, you get tender chicken in a savory gravy topped with a doughy layer of delight and that’s right in casserole’s wheelhouse. This one happens to be a breeze to make.

I would say that this is much easier to make than traditional Chicken and Dumplings, thanks to a few shortcuts and the fact that the oven does most of the work for you. You’ll start by sauteeing some onion and celery in butter until they’re nice and soft and then adding them to a baking dish along with a generous portion of shredded chicken. That sauteeing is the only stovetop work you need to do.

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