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It turned out good, but was missing something. I went to Maya Angelou’s recipe and she added 2 T. of sliced butter after it had thickened. That gave it that “rounded” flavor ( as Paul Prudhomme would say). It made all the difference.


This was a last minute addition to our Zaar Week Cookathon/4th of July festivities per my FIL’s request. It is the best banana pudding I have ever tasted. So much better than those that use pudding mix. This is the real deal as far as we are concerned. 5-stars from all my guests. My FIL gave it 10 but he really likes banana pudding. Thanks 🙂


Very, very good. Very easy, too. I used 3 bananas, and wasn’t sure on the amount of wafers to use, so I used about half of a 250-gram box. This seems to have worked well. My hubby and I both loved it and I know I will be making this often. I served it unadorned, but I bet the addition of a dab of whipped cream would be the crowning touch. Thanks for posting this “old fashioned” winner!

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