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Taco dip with meat is perfect served as a salad topping or for dipping keto tortilla chips. It can be made with all ground beef or with a layer of low carb black soy beans.

I’ve had some unusual cravings for a taco salad lately. The cafeteria at work used to sell the ones that come in the tortilla bowls. But these days, I’d just add some low carb tortilla chips and skip the bowl.

I think my whole taco craving started after seeing a 7-layer taco dip with meat and refried beans at my sister’s house during a birthday party for her son. Although the dip looked very tempting, I knew I better stay away since it had regular refried beans in it.

This past weekend, I finally got around to making a taco dip recipe with meat and refried black soy beans. I didn’t have time to make make my own low carb tortillas for chips, so I just ate this taco dip on some shredded lettuce.

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