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Sock-it-to-me Cake

This Southern Sock It To Me Cake recipe pairs a moist and buttery cake texture with a cinnamon brown sugar pecan swirl that is to die for! The vanilla glaze brings it all together perfectly. If you love buttery flavorful cakes like my Kentucky Butter Cake, Cream Cheese Pound Cake or my Sour Cream Pound Cake, you will love this one even more due to its ease and quickly made batter! Simple, Decadent and Downright Irresistible!

I love being in the kitchen. More specifically, I love being in my kitchen. If you come looking for me at home, chances are high that I’m in my kitchen blending a smoothie or rolling out pie crust. No matter the time of year or what mood I’m in, my kitchen has provided a safe space for me to be creative. I can spend hours testing new recipes by using the odds and ends that are the contents of my pantry and refrigerator. I’ve seen more disasters than I can count, some of them leading to my best work and some leading to inedible monstrosities. But regardless of the outcome I have always found a way to enjoy the process. I sing, I dance and I eat my way through so that each moment is truly a moment for myself.

I have my Big Mama to blame for my obsession with the kitchen because it was hers that I fell in love with first. The print of her tablecloth, the hook she used to hang her favorite apron on and the way it somehow always smelled of butter and sugar. It was my first home. As much as I love my own space, I miss her kitchen almost every time I set out to bake. But on those days when I miss it the most, I choose to make a recipe that takes me back in time. Something that feels classic and feeds my stomach and soul without fail. The recipe I’m sharing today is just that.

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