Reviews :

I have been making this cake for over 30 years, got the recipe many years ago from my aunt. My husband does not like coconut so I omit that from the recipe all together and it is a wonderful cake. The secret is in folding the stiff egg whites in with over folding and breaking them down too much or the cake will be very dense. Use whole fat buttermilk not low fat.

I originally made this cake 46 years ago. Then it was just called “Italian Cream Cake.” It became my family’s celebration cake. They lived it so much they wanted it for any special occasion. The only difference in the recipe that I noticed was the heavy cream in the frosting recipe, which I think I’ll try. If you’ve never made this cake, you’ve got to try it. It’s great.

I have made Italian Cream Cake for many years. One of the first times, was for my daughter’s baptism @ 14 months. She is now 33, (turning 34 in January), and I cannot recall coconut being in the recipe at all. I do remember that it is a three (3), teir cake, time consuming, delicious and worth every minute!! I am Italian, too and to answer the “cream” question, please just read the ingredients.

I made this for a friend’s birthday and it was wonderful. The cake was beautiful to boot. I did not put pecans in the batter, but put them on top for extra beauty. I was going to bring a piece home, but my friend’s husband got to it first. This makes a wonderful celebration cake. Very moist and easy to make.


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