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The title of this entry says it all for this one:  Bacon.Bread. Delicious, fluffy bread with tons of bacon baked inside.  Does it get any better?  I really don’t think so.  I’m pretty sure TheBetterHalf would be happy if this was the only bread I ever baked going forward.  I mean what is not to love about three quarters of a pound of bacon being added to your bread dough?  And imagine the sandwich possibilities with this loaf.  A turkey sandwich…on bacon bread.  A grilled cheese with tomato…on bacon bread.  A BLT!….on bacon bread. What doesn’t sound better when you put it on bacon bread?  I think even a PB&J would be phenomenal on this bread. I may or may not have tried that….TheBetterHalf was grossed out, but I thought it was amazing! The sweet and salty combo, mmmm.

This bread is a variation on the classic no-knead recipe, one of my favorite ways to bake bread. You cook up about ¾  pounds of bacon, chopped into pieces, and then mix that into the dough, with a little bacon fat for good measure. Add in some crushed red pepper flakes for some heat, and voila! If you love bacon, you need to try this recipe! It might change the way you eat toast forever.

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