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Chicago-Style Bakery Apple Slices

I have to confess something. I’ve never actually been to Chicago. So I’ve never actually eaten a Chicago-Style Bakery Apple Slice in a Chicago bakery. But! I did come across them on the internet and as soon as a saw that gooey apple filling peeking out of flaky pie crust and encrusted in thick sugary glaze, I wanted in. One of the nice things about cooking is that you can kind of travel the world right in your own kitchen and while my kitchen is very much not a Chicago bakery, it can at least taste a little like one with these in it. And yours can too. All you need is some pie crust, apple filling, and a quick little icing to top it all off.

While these slices look pretty impressive, they’re actually incredibly simple to make. You need two pie crusts, for which the recipe is below. (But it is basically our All-Butter Pie Crust if you’d like to print it out separately.) (And yes, you can use storebought crust if you’d rather.)

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