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Kool Aid Pie Recipe

If you need a REALLY fast dessert that’s absolutely delicious, you need to make this Kool Aid Pie recipe! Four ingredients and 5 minutes! IT’S SO GOOD!

I saw a picture of this floating around on Facebook, and decided to test it out myself! It turned out so well, I wanted to share it with you all too! This is the easiest dessert I’ve ever made, and it’s creamy and delicious.

I really love that it’s totally customizable flavor-wise too because of the Kool Aid. So far I’ve only tried Black Cherry, but I really want to try Blue Raspberry and Pink Lemonade next!

You ready for this? Dump the sweetened condensed milk into a mixing bowl with the Kool-Aid packet and stir it all up. Then add in the container of whipped cream and use a spoon or silicone spatula to mix it all together. Once it’s combined with no streaks, flop it into a graham cracker crust and smooth it out evenly.

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