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Nested Potato Skins

Potato skins are always a favorite appetizer to serve at parties and events. Sometimes, it’s nice to do an updated more elegant version to serve at a luncheon, brunch or tea. Or, as a side dish for a delicious dinner frittata.
REALLY REALLY REALLY grease/spray your muffin tins!!!!! Think you can likely just add an egg to cup too for egg in a basket
-Had to try them. Made these and my husband loved them. I’ll be making them for the Super Bowl.
These are not something where you make it your meal, it’s an appetizer. Russet potatoes are the best thing next to Sweet potatoes. They are the healthiest potato next to the sweet potato. They loose a lot of their starch and sugar when they are cooked or baked not like all of the other varieties that don’t loose their sugar or starch. If you are needing or wanting to cut your fat, use low fat cheese, light sour cream, turkey bacon, 33% low sodium salt. I love sweet potatoes too, but it would give this recipe a different taste. Everything else about this is healthy. But to me these were wonderful just the way they are.
-Yay, I finally made these today with the simply potatoes shredded hash browns in mini muffin tins! Didn’t stick, came out yummy, experimented with cheddar jack on some of them and mozz/prov. on the others. Only question is they tasted a little greasy. Is it too much cheese, or the butter spray on top of the nests? Is it necessary to spray the pam butter spray on top of the nests? I just want it to taste a little less greasy/oily. Making them as finger foods for the super bowl.

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