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Moving a Leafed Out Hosta With the Help of a Belt and Some Tape

Denial-that is what I am in every time I plant a Hosta. I know it is going to grow and get big I just don’t believe it at the time. This is probably because I usually purchase bare root Hosta from online retailers and they usually have only a few leaves and 1 or 2 eyes (eyes are what growers call a Hosta division). They seem so small that when I go to plant them I lose all sense and end up putting them where I will eventually have to move them.
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Here are a couple of examples of some small Hosta I planted that will eventually be very large (given time): Here is Hosta “Liberty” which I planted last year. It is hard to believe from her size right now she will eventually be 6 feet wide.
So this denial leads to my Summer ritual which involves moving these beasts to a more appropriate position in the garden without setting them back too much. Using a pitchfork loosens the roots without cutting them like a shovel would do. The tape helps to make digging and moving it easier and also keep the Hosta leaves upright so the roots can pump water up the stems.What you will need for this:1. A pitchfork or perennial fork-I prefer to use a pitch fork to move my plants I feel it causes less damage to the plants roots than using a shovel2. A shovel to dig a new hole3. Masking tape or painter’s tape4. An old belt with a D ring (or a piece of rope)
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