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Strawberry Shortcake Puppy Chow

Puppy chow goes by many names: muddy buddies, monkey munch, and muddy munch among others. But, whatever you call this sweet treat the fact is that people of all ages love this candy. There have been a lot of variations on this classic over the years, from the traditional chocolate peanut butter to snickerdoodle flavor, but this strawberry shortcake puppy chow mix is absolutely one of my favorites.

The creamy white chocolate base is the perfect supporting actor for the star of the show: the freeze-dried strawberries. Alongside the crunch of the Chex cereal it’s a winning combination and one that doesn’t rely on peanut butter or milk chocolate.

This recipe calls for corn or rice Chex since they take on the flavors of the other ingredients really nicely and both of these varieties are gluten-free. And, if you use allergen-free white chocolate chips then you’ve got an indulgent dessert that even people with nut allergies or celiac disease can enjoy. And, it’s not everyday you can say that a treat that meets those qualifications tastes this amazing.

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