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Seattle Teriyaki Restaurant Coleslaw

Sure, the main dish is the focal point of the plate, but sometimes the side dishes can be the main attraction. Case and point is Seattle Teriyaki Restaurant Coleslaw. This coleslaw is a great recipe to have on standby and it’s a great variation on your classic summer side dish. It doesn‘t have you cutting up a million different vegetables, and the dressing is a no fuss delight packed with complex savory flavors.

When you order chicken teriyaki in Seattle, it comes with the usual suspect rice, but it also comes with this side salad. Packed into a clamshell box, the salad usually gets slightly steamed and slightly warmed by the other foods, but it is a required companion to chicken teriyaki nonetheless. Luckily this homemade version is crisp with a toothsome bite. This recipe for Seattle Teriyaki Restaurant Coleslaw is the creamy crunchy companion to a sticky sweet saucy chicken and a bed of steamed rice. It’s cool creamy dressing has a bit of sweet, sour, and umami flavors, creating a coleslaw that’s a bit different from your classic recipe.

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