I’ve got Thanksgiving breakfast covered for you! And Thanksgiving snack time because glazed cranberry orange scones make a perfectly acceptable snack. Especially with a warm mug of homemade apple cider. Mmm I love the sounds of that. Can I come over? We can be festive together.
I’m super excited to share today’s recipe with you because it is a recipe that you tasted yourselves! Like, these actual scones got your stamp of approval. I baked them a few weeks ago, cut them up real small, and served them at my NYC book signing. Rave reviews, rave reviews!
Basically, if Sally’s Baking Addiction was Us Weekly, these scones would always be on the cover.
Crumbly edges, bursts of orange flavor, orange glaze, and lots of cranberries make these scones better than any I’ve tried! sallysbakingaddiction.com
If you haven’t caught on by now, I use the same basic scone recipe for every scone I make. Except you, triple chocolate scones. Dare to be different you devilishly delish little numbers! But for every other scone I make, it’s the same base recipe. From there I add flavors, zest, fruit, and/or glaze. I also play around with the type of sugar depending on the flavor of the scone. Like, brown sugar in my apple cinnamon scones (yumm-o) and granulated white sugar in my blueberry scones. I’ll never say yumm-o again, promise.
These ain’t your regular scones. Long gone are dry and bland scones, which is what turned me off of scones for so long! Rather, they’re filled with orange zest, pops of juicy cranberries, covered with ultra crumbly edges, moist interiors, and just melt in your mouth. And then the orange glaze soaks into all the cracks and crumbles. For these reasons, and so many more, I LOVE MY SCONES! And I’m so glad all you in NYC did too. Knew ya would!
To start: cranberries. Fresh or frozen work! Or even dried cranberries, too. I prefer to use frozen because they keep the scone dough super cold. Remember, scone dough should always be cold. Why? Keeps the scones from spreading and also keeps that butter cold.

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