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Minute Mason Jar Mayo

As a kid, I remember watching my stepmom (who is French and makes many more things from scratch than my other parents) make mayonnaise by hand in the kitchen and thinking to myself, ‘Why? You can just go buy that stuff in a jar.‘ In retrospect – how very silly of me. But up until that point I had never seen anyone make it themselves and so it had never occurred to me that you even could, and I had certainly never pondered why you might want to. Here’s why you would want to – if you’ve never had homemade mayonnaise, you’ve never really had mayonnaise at all. It’s worlds above the jarred stuff – creamy and silky and not the least bit gloppy. And despite all of the hyperbole about it being difficult, this method makes it incredibly easy. It literally will take you just one minute.

The only special equipment you need for this is an immersion blender. And a pint-sized mason jar, if you count that as special equipment. Aside from those things, you only need four ingredients – an egg and some oil, and some salt, ground mustard, and lemon juice for flavor (and the acidity of the lemon juice acts as a preservative). For the oil, you have many options, but use something that has a neutral flavor. I love safflower or sunflower oil here, while I find most olive oils to be too overwhelming in flavor. (Love them elsewhere though!) Don’t have ground mustard? Use a dollop of Dijon mustard instead.

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