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Cracker Jacks Gone Wild!

This is our movie night favorite! I admit I tend to over indulge, but cannot help myself!:) The picture is one I made at the holidays using red/green M&M’s
Hi someone just posted another caramel popcorn and that recipe said oven 200F for 30 min. Stir again to coat then another 30 min.
I know the posts are a couple years old asking about oven temps but hopefully this helps a few..
Thx do much for posting this great recipe! If there’s chocolate in a snack mix I’m known to pick them out first to the not so happy hubby lol bit with this yummy sweet popcorn? No need for picking through! Lol
I did not use a candy thermometer when I made this. I go by color alone. I can say that when I do make it I cook for the longest period of time and it always comes out great. Never chewy. Not sure if it makes any difference but I cook on a gas stove. You may be able to look at other caramel corn recipes to see if they give the temp and use that. Sorry I could not be of more help.
thank you Sue for the good idea to see what the temp would be. Your recipe looks so good, I do want to try it and when I find the temp, I know it will turn out well. I have an electric stove. I used to have gas and I wish I had gas now, it is easier to regulate the temperature…or so I think. 🙂 Probably just because I learned to cook on gas and cooked on gas longer than the electric stove. Thank you again.

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