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Changing Table Turned Potting Bench

FB Marketplace is my new favorite places to score FREE furniture. You wouldn’t believe some of the things you can come across that just need a little TLC. I recently came across this changing table its owners were ready to trash and I knew this would make the perfect new up-cycling challenge!

changing table turned potting bench

Clean and DisassembleChances are your piece is going to be pretty dirty. Give it a good wipe down and dissemble everything, being sure to hold on to the hardware!

Sand. Sand. Sand some more.Sanding was definitely the most tedious and worst part of this project. Not only was I constantly trying to fit this in around the little one’s naps, it was super hot outside and it just seemed like it took forever! Regardless, sanding is super important and needs to get done. To completely remove the finish on a piece, start with a very coarse grit like a 60. Then work your way down to a very fine 220. This will help get your surface super smooth and not show any swirls or markings in the new stain.

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