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Yummy Turtle Cake

We LOVE this cake! It is so delicous and it is even better when chilled over night in the refrigerator. I made this this year for my birthday and it was Yummy!
-.a conversion of bake time for “mini’s” is to cut by about 1/3 of the bake time. For cake batter I fill 2/3 of the cup for 8 minutes at 350. I have a gas stove so you may want to start checking at 7 minutes until you get used to your ovens temperament. Hope that helps!
-I wanted to mention too that it depends on the size of the pieces that you cut as to how many the cake will feed, but I am guessing that a 9×13 inch cake size should yield around 12 servings in regular cut pieces, but again, it depends on how big the pieces are. You can cut them smaller to feed a lot more guest. Hope this helps too. 🙂
-The condensed milk was 1 (14oz) can and the caramels that I had was a large (14oz) bag that I had bought from ‘Walmart’ but out of that whole bag I counted to have used 36 caramel squares. I hope this helps on what you were needing to know. 🙂 I have a video on here of when I had actually made this cake for my birthday if you would like to watch how I made it.
-Thank you everyone. Lorrie Douglass: The other day, I did edit it, but I think it is under review for the change and I hope they do let my edited version post on here soon.:)I want others to know what they need to about the recipe.

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