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Cowboy Spaghetti

Here at 12 Tomatoes, we’ve made Cowboy Salad, Cowboy Soup, Cowboy Caviar, Cowboy Chicken, and Cowboy Casserole. Clearly we’re big fans of the style, but what it really means when you’re tacking the word “cowboy” onto a recipe is that it’s a very hearty and filling dish that usually features some sort of meat, some sort of beans, and a few zesty accompaniments. Well, that lineup would work perfectly well with pasta too, so it felt like it was high-time that Cowboy Spaghetti came to be. Here it is in all its hearty, spicy, cheesy glory and we dare say it just might be our favorite “cowboy” creation yet.

True to form, Cowboy Spaghetti starts with meat… in this case two kinds. Bacon that you crisp up in a skillet, and then ground beef (and onions) that get browned in the bacon drippings. (Yum.)

Then there’s some tomatoes and kidney beans and chili powder that head in to simmer for a few.

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