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Easy Butterscotch Pound Cake

Reviews :
-Thanks for sharing this! I’ve pinched this recipe a while ago, so I’ve made this cake several times and everyone loved it! I have made a similar version of this, to mix things up a bit. I love chocolate, so I changed the cake & pudding mix to a chocolate fudge cake mix & chocolate instant pudding mix and then added Heath toffee bits (about half a bag). Then made the cake with the rest of ingredients and it turned out awesome! My husband and daughter loved it! Just wanted to share that and to let you know how much we loved the recipe!
-I made this for Coffee Fellowship at church this past Sunday and everyone loved it!! The only change I made was that I added half the amount of butterscotch chips (cause that’s all I had) and I thought it was just enough. I think the whole bag of chips may have been too much. A definite keeper!!!
– a friend mine makes her own cake release with equal parts shortening, oil, and flour. She mixes it really well, and puts her hand inside a baggie and applies it like that. Maybe this might help you in the future.

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