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Homemade Spice Rub

We love experimenting with herbs and spices, and we usually test out new spice blends on baked chicken. We like to pull back the skin and smother our spice mixture directly on the meat to give it extra flavor, and then put the skin back and sprinkle a bit more on top. We’ve also found that patting the skin dry before baking leads to crispier skin, and who doesn’t love crispy skin? These techniques make flavorful chicken that’s great for weeknight dinners or entertaining for the “big game.”
This versatile spice mixture is earthy and bright thanks to the combination of paprika and thyme. It’s perfect for chicken, steak, and even potatoes, and it doesn’t use any chili, so the kids love it. This recipe makes enough spice rub for an easy chicken dinner with plenty left over for another meal later in the week.

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