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Old Fashioned Soft Molasses Cookies

You’ll love these chewy, spicy soft molasses cookies. They’re one of our favorite homemade cookie recipes to bake in fall and winter! Easy to make molasses cookies are great for your holiday platters as well as year round snacking.

Old Fashioned Soft Molasses Cookies
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Can you smell them through the internet? I call these “old fashioned” Soft Molasses Cookies because the recipe comes from my mom. Plus, it has an old fashioned ingredient I’ve never posted about before–Crisco.

Why use Crisco in these molasses cookies?
I think the only time I cook with shortening is when my mom is visiting. It’s part of our history! I grew up in the good ‘ol Midwest, so I did grow up eating lots of comfort food, fried food, and Crisco.

Therefore, it’s in this recipe, and it does make these cookies so soft and luscious. I prefer using the Crisco sticks since they’re easy to measure and store in the pantry.

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