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Wonton Meatballs

Wontons are easy to love. They’re like a tiny little present, and the surprise inside is an extremely flavorful filling that’s bursting with garlic and soy and green onion. This meatball version is equally easy to love because that delicious, savory filling is right out there in the open. And since there’s no wrappers or dough involved, they happen to be a cinch to make, which means you can get that wonton flavor right at home anytime you’re craving it.

Most of the time, wonton filling starts with ground pork, though sometimes you might find some shrimp in the mix as well. We’ve gone with a combination of ground pork and ground chicken, and while you’re probably not going to find that combo in most Chinese restaurants, it provides a balanced flavor and a texture that doesn’t require any eggs or breadcrumbs or binder. (Which makes these low-carb and all that good stuff!)

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