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Turtle Cookie Cups

These little cookie cups are very easy to make. I made them for Super Bowl Sunday and they were a big hit. If you like chocolate and caramel, I’m sure you will like these. A Betty Crocker recipe.
-alerie, these have got to be the easiest best tasting cookies I’ve ever made. I have a recipe where the chocolate cookie dough gets wrapped around a rolo and then rolled in chopped pecans. Same taste, but these cups are now taking their place. Thanks so much for the recipe.
-Just out of the oven…YUM! Had to sample one! I wasn’t able to find Betty Crocker brand; thus, I substituted Krusteaz triple chocolate chunk. My baking time was about 10 minutes (oven temps do vary as noted in an earlier post). Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe and Merry Christmas!
-Okay, sorry, I had another senior moment. These are not the cookies I made. I thought I was on another recipe. Please forgive the faux pas
-I used a Betty Crocker fudge chocolate brownie mix (following the recipe on the box) yesterday after looking for over a week for the cookie mix. I also used a 3.6 oz box of Junior Caramels by Tootsie Roll and had enough for 24 mini cups plus.
They turned out scrumptiously.

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