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This Sausage Alfredo Is Better Than Any Restaurant’s!

My husband and I were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary recently. He knows how much I love to go out to eat, mainly because I don’t have to cook. We have a few of our own favorite restaurants that we frequent from time to time, but because it was our anniversary, he wanted to take me someplace different, and supposedly fancier. The venue was very nice, very romantic. I order a sausage and pasta dish, and my husband, as he often does, followed my lead. I think he trusts my judgement in food after all of these years. He doesn’t always make the best choices when going out to eat. He tries to enjoy new things, but a lot of the time it backfires and he’s going home hungry.

Well, we sat and drank our beverages, enjoyed some yummy homemade bread, and our salad. When our dinners came, I could just tell that it was going to be incredible, and it was. We barely had any to take home.

Later that week my husband mentioned the dish and said that he bet I could make it because I’m such a good cook… nice suck up there honey. I found a recipe on All Recipes and tossed it together. He was right. I could make it, and I think it was even better!

This is one of those super easy recipes that you can toss together in just a few minutes on a busy weekday. I love when I can be in and out of the kitchen in under 20 minutes, and I can do it with this one.

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