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Bread And Butter Fridge Pickles

It’s a pickle recipe with a funny name, but a long history. The story goes: a young woman used her pickles to barter with a local grocer in exchange for bread and butter. We love the story as much as we love the recipe! These fresh bread and butter pickles are so simple to whip up and add just the right crunch to sandwiches or burgers. We like to chop them up and stir them into potato or macaroni salad, and the kids think they’re a perfect snack right out of the jar. The best thing is that these sweet and tangy pickles don’t take weeks to marinate; they’re ready in 24 hours, making it easy to always have a jar or two in the fridge.
If you have a kitchen garden, these are a great way to use up an overflow of pickling cucumbers, but we love using those mini-cucumbers from the supermarket for slices that are just the right size for packing pint jars. This recipe makes two jars, but it’s easy to double to have extra pickles on hand for gifting a jar or two to that new neighbor. We like to bring a jar along to potlucks and barbecues. They’re always a big hit!

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