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Cherry Dr. Pepper Cake

Our delicious Cherry Dr. Pepper Cake is bursting with outrageous flavor thanks to a unique ingredient, Cherry Dr. Pepper!

This cherry chocolate cake is super moist and crazy easy to make with just a cake mix and 5 other ingredients (including the homemade frosting!)

This is a chocolate cake unlike any other chocolate cakes. It is super moist, and bursting with rich cherry flavor, thanks to the addition of Cherry Dr. Pepper soda. The chocolate and cherry combo makes for a decadent dessert that is totally irresistible!

You will be shocked at how moist and delicious this chocolate cherry Dr. Pepper cake is. The secret is none other than the added can of soda! That’s right, the addition of Dr. Pepper is not only what gives this cake it’s delicious flavor, but also it’s amazing texture.

Adding soda to cake is an old trick. Doing this eliminates the need to add eggs, oil, or water. The soda is what ensures that the cake still rises by adding the liquid element that the powder needs to turn the mix into the perfect batter.

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