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Crispy Black Bean Tacos

Who needs a quick dinner tonight? Me, always. And maybe you too. Well, look no further than these Crispy Black Bean Tacos. They’re quick — as in thirty minutes or less — and economical — as in, you just need some tortillas, beans, salsa, cheese, and seasonings — and they couldn’t be tastier. We’ve got stovetop and oven directions for you here, so you can cook them up however it works best for you. They’re crispy, they’re delicious, and they’re super family-friendly. (Or at least, my whole family loves them. I think yours will too.)

I have a tendency to always plan around meat as the center of our meals but it’s a habit I’m trying to break out of because 1) it can get pricey, 2) there’s a whole wide world of other protein options out there, and 3) it can get kind of boring. Let me tell you, these Crispy Black Bean Tacos feel anything but boring. The filling is zesty and hearty with just enough cheese to make it feel like a treat and it’s all encased in a crispy tortilla shell. They’re perfect for dipping and I love them for dinner but they make a mean appetizer too.

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