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Spaghetti Marco Polo

Pasta is one of the great unifiers of the world. While some might not be able to eat pasta for health reasons, I’ve never come across anyone who didn’t like pasta. It’s one food that can be made to expensive tastes or to cheap ones. It’s good just with salt and pepper and cheese, but equally lavish smothered in a rich cream sauce. And, for throwing together a flavorful meal nothing beats pasta for both speed and taste.

Since so many of our favorite quick meals rely on pasta, when this recipe came across my screen I was instantly intrigued. Julia Child is remembered by many as the eccentric TV chef who brought European cooking to the American audience, often lending a sense of the achievable to somewhat complicated dishes. But, her Spaghetti Marco Polo recipe actually couldn’t be easier.

Despite how quick and easy this recipe is to pull together, it tastes deep and rich thanks to the toasted walnuts, black olives, herbs, and a generous dousing of parmesan cheese.

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