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A slice of Heaven Cake

HI Linda, I agree, this is a real favorite for our parties and picnics too.
I make this cake often because it tastes so rich and decadent and is so easy to make too….. but the name of my cake is a bit more interesting…..When I first got the recipe, it was called “Better than SEX Cake”. Have you heard it called this? For church and other family events or when the kids ask for my cake, I call it my famous “Candy Bar Cake”!
A slice of Heaven Cake
It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated to make a nice delicious cake. This amazing cake tastes like heaven! Check it out.
You’ll Need:
1 package of devil’s food chocolate cake or german chocolate cake mix.
1 (14 oz) can of sweetened condensed milk.
1 jar of caramel topping.

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