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Cinnamon Swirl Doughnut Bread

What are your thoughts on old-fashioned, cinnamon sugar-coated doughnuts? We’re lovers of all doughnuts, but that classic is sometimes just too hard to beat. It’s simple perfection and we can’t get enough! While we love the traditional treat, we knew we wanted to bake something inspired by it, but with a twist. Instead of making a batch of doughnuts – which, fried or baked is still a fair amount of effort – we went with a loaf bread version of our favorite doughnut. And that’s not the only exciting part; there’s a cinnamon swirl running through the middle of the loaf and we take things one step further once it’s out of the oven to ensure absolute delectability….
What that extra step, you ask? Well it might seem a little decadent and ridiculous, but it seriously makes all the difference. The bread itself is so yummy on its own, but we think a little dip in some melted butter and then a roll-around in a cinnamon sugar mixture really bumps up the flavor and look of this recipe, plus, it’s what makes it doughnut bread! Your loaf would be great even if you decided to skip this last step, but trust us, you don’t want to do that.
Another step you don’t want to skip comes in the middle of the recipe. While we use the main batter as the base of the recipe, we take a small amount of it to form a second, cinnamon-spiced batter that then gets dolloped into the main mixture and marbled into your beautiful loaf. While it would save a bit of time to just keep everything as one batter, this step ensures a marbled dessert that’s impresses everyone. Marbled bread: check. Cinnamon sugar coating: check. Amazing dessert or brunch recipe to always have on hand in a pinch: check-check!

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