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Mini Donut Hot Buttered Cheerios

I do not think there’s anything wrong with tucking into a bowl of cheerios and milk as a snack, not for a moment. (Especially if you add some sliced bananas. Yum.) But this incredibly quick microwave-based recipe turns the cereal into a sweet and irresistible treat that you don’t milk or a spoon for. It takes just five minutes and it’s like having an entire bowl of tiny cinnamon-sugar donuts. Tiny donuts with some crunch, that is.

Aside from the cheerios, this takes five ingredients. Five ingredients, five minutes, and that’s it. You can use your microwave or you can use your stovetop, but the process is really just to melt some butter and then toss the cereal and the seasonings in it until all the o’s are coated with deliciousness.

Once you’ve melted the butter, you stir in some vanilla extract and the cereal and then pop it back in the microwave for a few minutes, stirring every minute. This helps the butter sink into the cheerios and softens them up a bit, but don’t worry, they’ll crisp back up. Add some cinnamon, sugar, and salt, toss it all together, and get to snacking!

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