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Honey Garlic Pork Chops

I am SO happy to have my friend Bet from Bet on Dinner with us again today! She is just the best. Bet always shares the yummiest and easiest recipes. If you haven’t seen her 21-Day Fix Meal Plan – you MUST click HERE. Such an absolutely doable, delicious way to get healthy fast. Plus, Bet is a friend of mine from high school and I just love her heart and the way she sees things. Today’s recipe is one of our family’s favorites! I know you will love it AND my friend, Bet!
Who could use a quick, weeknight dinner? Without a fancy list of ingredients? With a make-ahead option that lets you put dinner on the table 20 minutes after you walk in the door? **waves both hands wildly** These honey garlic glazed pork chops check all these wonderful boxes. Plus, this sweet, gorgeous, saucy glaze – it honestly makes my mouth water to look at it!
Since the last time I shared a post on Happy Home Fairy, I had my third daughter and somehow she’s now a super active, determined 8-month-old who likes to play in our dog’s water bowl, chew on used forks scavenged from the dishwasher, and eat the feathers that are coming out of our couch. (Dear couch: please stop shedding feathers.) She’s the most amazing gift to our family – practically a celebrity to her big sisters – but she definitely makes it hard(er) to get dinner on the table! I’ve been embracing simple, quick meals and these pork chops are perfect.

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