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Raspberry Shortbread With A White Chocolate Drizzle

Out of all my Christmas cookies, this is my MOST requested of all! A happy accident one year when I was in a creative mood. I have many requests at Christmas for tins with just this cookie.

Let’s talk real, I love baking and cooking, obviously, but I’m not ever going to like doing the dishes. That’s why I dig recipes that use parchment paper and aluminum foil. You bake it and then the dish is still clean afterwards! I wish that technique could be applied to other areas of my life, it would make things so much simpler.

Why am I bring this up? Because if you bake these raspberry white chocolate shortbread bars, you’ll only have one bowl to wash! One bowl recipe right here AND no mixer required. (PSA. If you want the white chocolate drizzle on the top, you will require two bowls. But I encourage you to say the heck with making it pretty and go for one dish. Why make life harder?)

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