Excellent. I tried it this way as well as putting all the ingredients (including raw chicken)into the slow cooker on low overnite. Tasted MUCH MUCH better. This recipe is always requested at any potluck I attend.

This is fantastic! My husband and son raved about it and couldn’t wait for leftovers. Delicious flavors and wonderfully moist. For those of you who weren’t that impressed use teriyaki baste & glaze (not just a sauce or marinade) — it’s thicker and adds much more flavor than a marinade. No need to marinade over night or hours before if you use this. I used Kikoman baste & glaze and Hidden Valley ranch lite with real bacon(low salt) crumbled. I didn’t fry the chicken – I just spooned on the baste & glaze to both sides of the chicken & then spooned on the ranch with everything else following. Great with an angel hair pasta with sauteed garlic tomatoes onions and spices.

It was very good. I like trying new things and this recipe hit the spot. I’ll be passing it on to my mom. One note: I would add the chese until the last 10-15 mins of baking and next time and I also like to use real bacon (4-5 strips) which I will cook while it is in the oven and when it is done I add the cheese and bacon during the last 10-15 mins and it tastes fabulous!!

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