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Do Nothing And Wait While This Cake Bakes Before Your Very Eyes

One day, my sisters and I were pretty bored. In our family, boredom leads to hunger (is that just us?!). We wanted something yummy to eat, but truthfully there was nothing. We were excited to try something new but didn’t just want a new chocolate cake recipe. We wanted something really new. Something different. Something we had never heard of. That is when, after lots of Pinterest searching, we found the “do nothing cake.” It is literally just that. A cake that looks wondrous but doesn’t consist of much work at all! This cake was fun to make and even more fun to enjoy!
What in the world is this cake? I don’t even know how to explain it to you because it’s name is so ambiguous. It is light and airy and fluffy and yet creamy and moist. You barely have to prep it or do anything to get it to achieve that perfect cake consistency. Yet at the end, you have an elaborate, beautiful cake full of flavor and it makes you look like an awesome baker. Just don’t go telling anyone about the “do nothing” part in it and you will be deemed the next great baker in America!
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