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Omelette Grilled Cheese

This recipe was developed as a result of my partnership with Land O’Lakes, Inc. I’m pleased to be working with them to work toward ending hunger through their Pin a Meal: Give a Meal program with Feeding America. Each “pin” from this post will generate a meal for 10 hungry families. The recipe concept and opinions are all my own.

My husband is a smart guy. He hasn’t accumulated the nicknames The Nutty Professor, MacGuyver, and The Evil Genius for nothing. If something is capable of being fixed, he can do it. He is the original “think outside the box” guy. He comes up with solutions that most folks would never even flirt with. And so, when I was brainstorming for “National Grilled Cheese Month” and he said, “Why don’t you do an omelet grilled cheese?” I listened.

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