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No-sew, Water Resistant Draft Protector

When you’ve had it with forgetting to move the draft protector and then having to sweep up the leaves and water blowing through the 1-inch gap under your front door, this is what you do.

no sew water resistant draft protector

It’s Winter in the Southern hemisphere and South African houses are notoriously badly insulated. Since it is cold for such a short time in most parts of the country, our way of dealing with Winter is to put on our fleecy pyjamas, sit under blankets and complain about how cold it is. We just put up with holes in our houses!



The picture above is of my 60 year old front door, a bit worn but still going strong. I can live with the cold coming through the 1-inch gap but not the leaves or the driving rain running onto the oak parquet.

The current draft excluder is a bit of a joke. Firstly because we always forget to put it in place and secondly because it is too short for the door. You would think that the little gap on the side wouldn’t make a difference but it does. The amount of leaves that manage to find their way through that gap is astonishing. This morning I decided, no more! So I made a custom draft excluder that sticks to the door. Here’s how:

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