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Spiced Roasted Almonds

Last Christmas, my friend gave us a jar of candied spiced almonds and I’ve pretty much been craving them ever since we hit the bottom of that jar. With a candy crunch and sweet cinnamon spice, I just couldn’t get enough of them. They were irresistible – the kind of thing you grab a handful of every time you walk by, which is precisely why that jar ran out so fast. But never fear! I’ve figured out how to make them on my own and I plan to never run out of them again.

Before I tell you how to make these, let me wax poetic for a bit about how incredibly good they are. You already know what an almond is like so let me start with the spice blend – it’s largely cinnamon but has enough other components going on that it just smells (and tastes) like a warm menagerie of seasonal spices. Five different people walked through my house the day I made these and every single one exclaimed “It smells amazing in here!” When you start to cook them, in fact, you might be worried that the spice is a little too strong, but I promise that it all settles beautifully into the sweet candy shell that surrounds these nuts.

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